Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Camera Yang Versetail


jom kita berkunjung ke kedai click shop...camera made in japan..wow..i like it...ngeh3...

fuji instax mini 7s

- Instant camera = instant pictures (like polaroid)
- Credit card size pictures.
- Small, compact and easy to use.
- Has build in flash.

-170 degree fisheye lens
- On-camera flash- Hot shoe mount for external flash
- Multiple-expose switch for easy double-exposed images
- “Bulb” setting for long exposures
- “Lock” setting so the shutter won’t fire in your bag
- Uses 35mm film (normal film)

- Multiple exposures
- Variable focus settings
- Variable aperture settings
- Bulb (B) mode (for long exposures)
- Flash hotshoe (to attach flash)
- Removable lens for Pinhole Function
- Shutter Lock and Tripod Thread for solid long exposures and pinhole photography
- Uses 120mm film (roll film)

diana mini

- Pocket-sized and ultra-compact
- Allows you to shoot 72 rectangular half-frames or 36 square pictures on one 35mm roll!
- Multiple exposure, long exposure capabilities
- Tripod thread and cable release thread
- Uses 35mm film (normal film)

- 170-degree fisheye lens
- Built-in electronic flash
- Uses 35mm film (normal film)

- NP (natural photo) mode that measures the brightness range of the subject and adjusts exposure according to natural light- Integrated pop-up flash (Super Digital Program flash). Can be activated or remain disabled, by a click of a button.- Autofocus ranging from 0.4m to infinity- Super-EBC Fujinon 28-56mm f/2.8-5.4 zoom lens- 5 exposure modes available: slow-shutter, red-eye reduction, self-timer, remote control, landscape- Uses 35mm film (normal film)


So amcam guys..??macho n tomey2 x camera2 d gambar rajah d atas??hahhahaha...aku saja mo kongsi sbb aku teruja sngat ngn camera2 ni...so ada niat mo beli camera DSLR lagi??ermmm...garu2 kpala dlu.hahahha...mau taw lebih lnjut tntang camera2 ni?? n mna shop dia..klik saja sini >>> THECLICKSHOP

- Syukran Ma'Assalam -


LyaLuna said...

sy ade mini diana.. huhuu somel somell sumee ayoooo >.< shukee


Dayanqphrofile said...

@LyaLuna wah..besnya..t g pnjam k..hahahah

LyaLuna said...

heeheee boleyhh jeeeekkk >.<


Dayanqphrofile said...

hahahaha...msty bes kn..comel2 gtu..hihihi

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